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When in Rome..

October 21, 2016

How about an aperitivo?

There are three places in Rome for the best aperitivo. One is Hotel de Russie, the other one is Palazzo Dama and the other one is Ciampini. Start your night there with a Bellini, a Champagne or a glass of wine before heading to dinner.



Nightlife in ROMA..

The city is not very well knowing for its buzzing nightlife, mostly for the aperitivo and a few bars. The 5 bars I would suggest are:


Last but the best yet so far is the new entry in Rome’s nightlife since October 2015 the Raspoutine Club in the Palazzo Dama. The best place to spend your weekend nights after 1am. I have been many times in Paris Raspoutine but I have to say that in Rome they made it even better! Perfect music, great location, amazing vibe and good looking people! This private club creates a luscious and tantalizing environment for social butterflies and wallflowers alike. The best place to dance all night long.


When to Visit:

Rome is beautiful all year long but the best time to visit is May and September. The weather is just perfect so you can stroll around the tiny little streets with a long non sleeve dress, wearing a fashionable hat and looking very Italian obviously. The weather allows you to eat outside in all the restaurants and stare the beauty of the city.





  1. If you are going to do any touristy sightseeing it is VERY important to book them early and especially have a guide with you so you avoid the long hour queues.
  2. Book all the restaurants you want to go in advance especially if you are travelling in groups. And don’t forget to ask fro outside tables if the weather is good.
  3. If you have the ability of staying more than just a weekend DO IT! Rome is definitely worth staying for more than just a weekend.. make it 5 days!
  4. You don’t need taxis during the day just walk around the city it might take the same amount of time to walk somewhere as to take the taxi to get there.
  5. If you follow my itinerary I guarantee you’ll have the best time of your lives there!






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