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When in Rome..

October 21, 2016

My top Restaurant Choices:

Rome may not be a big city but it is definitely one of the most touristic places on earth, for that reason it has maybe 1000 restaurants to offer to its locals and tourists. But lets be honest I didn’t get to try them all but I definitely did try a few so I can give you my suggestions.

  1. Antica Pesa is located in the heart of Trastevere neighbourhood. The restaurant is very elegant, the walls are painted by artists instead of hanging paintings. The food is really good and if you are looking for the perfect romantic dinner or you are with a big group celebrating a birthday or something then this restaurant is just made for you. Definitely try the lamb, the kataifi and the amatriciana. +39 06 580 9236
  2. Dal Bolognese, well the name says it all. The taglatelle with bolognese are just excquisite. The restaurant is situated in Piazza di Popolo. Perfect location for lunch or dinner, is a place that most of the locals dine. If the weather is nice book a table outside! +39 06 322 2799
  3. Cantina Lucifero is located in the area Campo de’ Fiori. It is a very tiny restaurant with maybe 6 tables but if you are in Rome you definitely want to eat like a Roman in the most traditional trattoria. They have the best truffle risotto and tompini cheese with truffles and believe it or not is so affordable. What I loved about this restaurant is that there is no wine menu you choose your wine from the shelves on top of the tables and the staff is so nice. +39 06 8976 7575
  4. Pierluigi  is the place to have the best seafood in Rome. Very close to Piazza Navona a few steps from the Tiber River located in a tiny street. Definitely try the lobster pasta and a fresh fish grilled. Also book a table outside if the weather is nice. +39 06 68 61 302
  5. Roscioli Reserve well in advance to secure a table at the restaurant, salumeria, bakery and deli near Campo de’ Fiori. The pastas are impeccably fresh, the meats sliced to order and the atmosphere is super pleasing. Try the buratta they have, the 3 fromaggi francescana and Carbonara! TOO good! +39 06 6875 287
  6. Al Moro Trattoria, literally a few steps away from Fontana di Trevi is this little restaurant that has amazing fresh pasta dishes, cheeses and cold cuts of their own production and homemade desserts. Try the tiramisu! You might not like that it is on the most touristic place of Rome but the food is amazing! +39 06 6783 495
  7. Roma Sparita also located in the heart of Trastevere overlooking the splendid Piazza di Santa Cecilia away from the traffic and chaos. You MUST try the cacio e pepe dish! Is divine. If the weather is nice tell them to book you a table on the outside. +39 06 5800 757
  8. Ginger Sapori e Salute if you missed brunch while you are in Rome and you are in desperate need of an Avocado toast, pancakes or eggs benedict then this place is the best for it. The restaurant is so cool with so hype vibes and also it is not known much to the tourists is the best spot to find the locals of Rome on a Sunday afternoon.



My favorite spots for coffee:

  • Caffetteria Italia al Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia (there is a beautiful rooftop)
  • Sant’ Eustachio Café
  • Biscottificio Innocenti



I – SCREAM for Ice-Cream!

Gelateria del Teatro they have the best Pistaccio flavor and Crema

Gelateria dei Gracchi they have the best Vanilla and Chocolate flavor



Who said anything about pizza?

I did! You can’t leave Rome without trying a few pizza places!!! My favorite ones where:

Pizza del Teatro right next to Gelateria del Teatro (so 2 in 1 right?) you’ll find this foccacia based pizza which is insanly good

Antico forno del Ghetto, located in the Jewish distric this place has the best white pizza with mortadella

– La Gatta Mangiona If you want a really good sit-down pizza in Rome, it’s worth heading out into the suburbs (only for dinner)
Pizzarium Rome’s best pizza is served up at this tiny takeaway outlet not far from the main Vatican Museums entrance in Viale Vaticano.


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