July 22, 2016

For those who follow my Instagram account know that each summer I spent many days on my favorite island, Mykonos! For those who don’t let me tell you why..

Mykonos is an island that combines everything; the nightlife, the daytime party, the chilled vacations, the amazing hotels, the fantastic restaurants, the gorgeous beaches, the glamorous shopping, the VIP lifestyle, the family holidays. Just name it and the island has it!


I fell in love with this island the moment I stepped foot on it. The vibe you feel when you arrive is incomparable. Whatever you want to do in Mykonos, the island offers it. From all day beach bar-restaurants, to small tavernas, to secluded beaches, to party places from am to pm, to amazing nightlife, to after party places. I can go on forever.


I am going to give you some suggestions of where to stay, what to do, when to go, where to avoid going, be a LOCAL in general!


My top 10 Hotel choices:

(based on luxury services, amenities, rooms, view, restaurant, staff, distance from town,etc)


  1. Cavo Tagoo

  1. Bill & Coo Hotel
  1. Santa Marina Resort & Villas
  1. Boheme Hotel
  1. Myconian Utopia Resort


  1. Belvedere Hotel

  1. Semeli Hotel
  1. Kivotos Boutique Hotel
  1. Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa
  1. Mykonos Blu



My top 10 beach choices:


Alemagou Beach. Try their fresh lemonade while relaxing on the beach and then move to the restaurant to enjoy one of the best meals in Mykonos. The vibe is super cool, the music is amazing and it lasts until 10pm! If it is not windy it’s perfect.




Nammos Beach. Recently renovated and improved, Nammos Beach is a top location to enjoy one of the few beaches in Mykonos that are never windy. It is almost always full so try and get there early or “reserve” your sunbeds.. It is funny if you think about it but unfortunately that’s how it works. If you manage to have a table at the restaurant try and book one for 4pm so you can continue partying to the Arabic, Greek and House Music until Sunset hours. The beach also has a really cool shop Luisa and also offers hair and beauty spa facilities.


Panormos Beach. New entry on the island is the Principaute de Mykonos. It feels like you are in Bali, Indonesia. The place looks amazing and they also have a really cool boutique for your beach shopping. I can’t say I fell in love with the food but it’s worth the visit.



Agios Sostis. One of the most relaxing spots to spend your day with no bars or clubs or anything. It’s so peaceful and quiet. There are no shades though so prepare to get very tanned. After leaving the beach on the way to your car stop by Kiki’s Tavern to have lunch. Its one of the best places and you MUST try it! It might get very busy so you could be waiting for more than half an hour but the owner is so cool he offers wine until you are seated.. So you basically end up drunk by the time you order. Haha



Fokos Beach. One of the most wild beaches of Mykonos, perfect for those who like to be alone and not surrounded by lots of people.. It is more rocky than sandy and has a very cool tavern to enjoy your lunch afterwards. Avoid going while it’s windy because it’s located on the north side of the island.

(the pictures below are not Fokos, it’s Elia Beach)



Ftelia Beach. Idyllic for the ones who love windsurfing and accommodates the best Italian restaurant of the island where you can enjoy their pizzas and deserts. Definitely try the banoffee, the pizza nutella and of course the yogurt ice-cream with strawberries!!


Kalo Livadi. I think it’s my favorite of them all. You have 2 choices, either  SOLYMAR beach bar or RAKKAN beach bar. Both of them have really good food and cocktails but if you are looking for the best smoothies on the island then I’d definitely recommend Rakkan.



Scorpios. My 5pm and onwards place to be. Has the best spot for sunset views and the best music on the island. Definitely go on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, those are the days they host their parties and the vibe is incredible.


Agia Anna. Apart from the cute beach, my reason to visit Agia Anna is mainly because of Spilia Restaurant. For me has the best lobster spaghetti and seafood and it is a place that you SHOULDN’T miss.





And of course Jackie O’ Beach! Incredible food, amazing vibe, super fun and once you get there you can’t stop dancing.


My top 10 restaurants:


  • Interni. Great vibes, good food & amazing cocktails located in the town centre.
  • Ling Ling Hakkasan. Superbly crafted Asian Food in town.
  • Chez Katrine. You must order the moussaka, the stuffed vine leaves and the stuffed cabbage.
  • Nobu Matsuhisa. The best Japanese Restaurant
  • Remezzo. Anything you get is amazing.
  • Inyama. Surf & Turf
  • Buddha Bar Beach. Superbly crafted Asian Food at the hotel of Santa Marina.
  • Appaloosa. Mexican Food lovers
  • Uno Con Carne. Great for steaks
  • Sea Satin. Great for seafood and party on the tables afterwards.



Places to see in Mykonos:



With its windmills on the ridge overhead (these actually ground grain until the mid-1960s) and vernacular Cycladic architecture along narrow lanes, the Hóra of Mykonos is the main attraction, and a stroller’s paradise – albeit a very congested one in high season. The signature building is the lopsided, four-chapels-in-one Paraportianí in Kástro district beyond the west jetty.



“Little Venice” – so named for its arcaded medieval houses right at the water’s edge – contains a good portion of the town’s art boutiques and quieter cafés. Here you will also find four museums documenting the island’s past; facing the old harbor, is the Archaeological Museum (Tues–Sun 9am–4pm). Most of the collection comprises of Geometric and Archaic pottery. These include scenes from the Iliad, beasts real and fictional, as well as intricately carved Hellenistic funerary stelae and a bronze handle in the shape of a kouros.



Dive Adventures 00 30 22890 24808;  at Paradise beach is one of the oldest established centres in Greece, with two wrecks, caverns and various reefs to explore. Even shore dives to shallow Bikini Reef are rewarded by a remarkable profusion of fish.



Every day except Monday between 9.00am and midday (last return 3.00pm, usually later in summer) from the old port’s west jetty to Delos (7) islet, home to one of the major religious centres of the ancient world, as well as a thriving commercial town. The site (Tues–Sun 9am–3pm; €5) with its small museum (but no food or drink for sale, so come prepared) requires nearly three hours to tour properly. Highlights include colourful floor mosaics in the residential quarter, the replica lions on their terrace (several originals are in the site museum), various temples, and a sweeping view over the place from Mount Kýnthos.





I am going to show you how Locals do it. (could be a bit hardcore for some people)


Start with one or two cocktails at Scarpa or even more.. their fruit cocktails are DELICIOUS! Scarpa is in Little Venice so since you are there visit Caprice for some greek music and shots of Mastiha.. Move to Astra, my favorite spot in Mykonos, best time to get there is 2.30am and stay until almost closing. Then go to Moni Club and then end up at Guzel, normally that’s around 6.30am until closing if you can handle it! There is also Jackie O’ bar that I love and is the perfect place to hear POP music. Of course depending on the dates check who is playing at CAVO Paradiso it might be worth going not just to hear one of your favorite DJs but because the Club is one of the best in the world.


If you are looking to rent a Villa then these are the places for it:


MyMykonos Villas

Ftelia Bay


There is only one guy on the island that I trust and that is My Car Rental Mykonos.



My favorite time to go to Mykonos is late June to early July but also in early September. The weather doesn’t change but the crowd definitely does. It is definitely calmer around those days. But if you love to be in all the good parties etc then the best time for you is end of July to beginning of August.



  1. Hire a private boat and go to Rinia an island which is 15min away from Mykonos. Spend all the day there with your friends, family or your partner and don’t forget to bring with you snacks and wine. It’s the most beautiful beach, it’s secluded, not many people know about it and definitely one of my favorites.
  2. I also love the beach next to Kalo Livadi that is also accessible only by boat, there is no name or at least I don’t know how it’s called but it is divine! Ask some locals to tell you how to get there but most likely you will need a dingy or something.
  3. Avoid heels, the streets are made for flat shoes and flip flops, especially at night wear closed flat shoes for your own precaution against broken glass in clubs..
  4. All roads that lead to the beaches are easily accessible so there is no need to hire jeeps to go off-road. But please AVOID renting motocycles and 3-wheel motors, they are SO ANNOYING!!!



When packing your suitcase for a Greek Island, you might be thinking that there is nothing else to pack other than shorts, t-shirts and dresses. But let me warn you that the island can get very windy and you will definitely need a few jackets and long sleeve shirts.. Definitely bring your sunscreen because the sun in Greece is very strong..