I fell in love with Copenhagen!

July 13, 2016
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All I’ll say about Copenhagen is that I fell in love with this city.. You wanna know why?

Because it’s a city with an amazing vibe, you can stroll around on foot, go around the whole city in just a few hours biking, discover every single little piece of the place that is different, eat in the best restaurants in the world and SHOP till you drop! I went there for a bachelorette, which apparently is very common destination for that special occasion!



We stayed on an apartment from Airbnb! It is a great choice if you are travelling with more than 4 people! We were 8 so it was perfect! If you prefer to stay at a hotel though there is only one I would suggest and that is Hotel d’Angleterre not only because of the location but the hotel as hotel is Amazing! Even if you don’t stay there try to book one day for brunch.




Let’s talk about FOOD now..


GEIST for dinner. Try the Tartar of Norway Lobster and the Scallops with Chicken. OMG! TOO GOOD! And for desert get the one with Wasabi and for those that like blue cheese try the one with Blue Stilton!! YUMMIE!


RESTAURATIONEN for lunch. A Modern Danish cool restaurant.


Café Atelier September for breakfast. Definitely the best avocado on toast!


GERANIUM for dinner. There are not much things to say about this place. If you don’t go you are JUST MISSING OUT!


LLAMA for dinner and stay for drinks later its an awesome Club!


NOMA for dinner (BOOK WAY WAY IN ADVANCE, like 4-6 months!)


MIRABELLE Bakery, take your bike and go all the way to Norrebro not only to try their famous Danish pastries that are the best things I have ever eaten but also to see this part of the city. If you go on a Saturday don’t miss the flea market on Elmegade Street!


RELAE restaurant for lunch or dinner if you want something more casual.

VAKST restaurant, looks like a greenhouse full of light and plants right in the heart of the city.

Fun in the Sun!

Rent a GoBoat and go around the city in style on a blue cute boat with your friends, bring some wine and snacks and enjoy the sunshine!


Take a GoBike (its the city bikes) or rent a bike, there are too many places to do that and stroll around the city as a local. (there are definitely more bikes than cars)



Ruby bar (cocktail bar in Indre By very stylish awesome cocktails)

Storm Bar (cocktail bar as well)

Culture Box (for the electronic music fans)

Copenhagen Jazzhouse (for those who looove Jazz)

Noho bar (its like going in a NY bar)


Jolene Bar (disco balls and fun crowd)

Lusso (fancy and fun nightclub)

Llama (for dinner first and the stay at the club pretty dope)

Sam’s Pub (trashy place for karaoke, It was a bachelorette you guys don’t judge! even though i LOVE karaoke!!)

Never Mind (go after 3am)

Don’t forget to visit..




Christiania / Christiansborg Palace / Nyhavn Harbour / Rosenborg Castle / Kings Garden / Vestebro / Tivoli Gardens in Vestebro / Norrebro / Indre By and the Rundetaarn for shopping (The Danish brands are so COOL!)





and ofcourse the amazing Louisiana Museum of Modern Art !!!!!!!!




Best time to go? end of JUNE..

End of June is not so cold not so hot, the days are super long and you can enjoy the most of the city. It might rain a little but it’s so beautiful and green and vivid that you won’t even pay attention! And because I am always thinking of my girls it’s the month of SALES! woop woop!



You may think in June it is hot but you will definitely need jackets, sporty shoes to walk around, an umbrella and i would also suggest some foulards to make your dress code more appealing and if its windy it’s necessary, especially on a bike; you will thank me later!



  1. Book everything in advance especially the Michelin star Restaurants
  2. Don’t even think of renting a car just use bikes for everything
  3. If you do go to see the little mermaid of Copenhagen definitely walk around the place it’s so beautiful and green.