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My IKEA concept

June 27, 2015
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As you probably have seen on my instagram, I’ve been one of the nominees on the Marie Claire Greece Blog Awards 2016 as a..



I couldn’t be more excited being part of this. Up till now it has been an amazing experience and I am so proud of myself. IKEA is one of the biggest sponsors of this happening and working with them was incredible.


I spend most of my time traveling, exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. However there is no greater feeling than returning back home after a long and fulfilling trip, back to my peaceful corner where i can block all the noise from the outside world. Interior Design has always been a passion of mine, constantly exploring different ideas from around the world and utilising those influences to create my own personal sanctuary! For that reason i cant think of a better fit other than the new Limited Edition VIKTIGT IKEA with Swedish designer Ingegerd Raman, a collection combining Minimalistic style with ECO Friendly & Sustainable Materials. The VIKTIGT Chair originally designed for the outdoors as you can see fits perfectly to an indoor environment. And the Malmsta table from the Classic Collection of IKEA can accomodate any interior style from Minimalism to Modern or Classic. Whatever your style might be IKEA offers a unique variety of furniture easily adaptable to any personality!


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